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The countdown begins

I can't believe that we will be heading to Uganda in less than 6 weeks. This time felt so distant in months past but now is imminent and departure preparations are underway. I figured I should start writing this blog now so that I am conditioned to posting regularly once we are in Uganda. I know this is going to be an amazing journey and I want to share as much of it as possible with friends, family, and supporters of IKOOVA!

My children (Lily and Jackson) and I head to Denver tomorrow to obtain our immunizations. The yellow fever vaccine has been on national shortage for almost a year now and only specialized clinics are allowed to administer the alternative, Stamaril. Therefore, we must drive 5 hours to get the Stamaril vaccine, as well as the typhoid fever vaccine. They aren't cheap either! When Jeff got vaccinated in December we paid around $ multiply that by 3 for tomorrow! These details are the less-than-thrilling facts surrounding international travel.

Initially my heart was gripped with a bit of trepidation and unrest when Jeff told me in March that he felt God calling us to live in Uganda.

Our beautiful ranch in Colorado

However, I now not only feel prepared but excited for the journey ahead. God has really worked on my heart and given me a sense of purpose and understanding about what lies ahead. He has filled my heart with love for the people in Uganda and a desire to serve them and make the glory of His Name known. He has shown me that it's not about me, my abilities, my knowledge, or my ideas but about His desire to love people through us, to give them hope, and to bring transformation through faith in Jesus Christ.

I am aware that we may encounter dangers, setbacks, spiritual warfare, opposition and disease. But I am more aware of how Mighty My God is. I know He called us to this endeavor and He will absolutely not abandon us. In fact, He desires to do good to us, to bestow blessing on us, and magnify the fullness of His Kingdom in us. Knowing all this, and putting my confidence in the One who has shown Himself worthy of my confidence, I am able to put fear and uncertainty where they belong: under my feet.

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