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“Going where God sends… always relying on His provision.”

IKOOVA {pronounced "E-cove-ah"} is the Ugandan name for the pied crow, which is also known as “the Reverend” because of its characteristic white markings. Ravens are mentioned in Psalm 147:9, Job 38:41, Prov. 30:17, and was also the bird first sent out by Noah after the flood. Ravens fly about continually in search of food and yet God assures us in His word that He ultimately provides them their nourishment. In the same way, He provides every one of us our basic needs.


Partnering with communities to overcome poverty through discipleship, education, and skills training.  ​

We aim to create an atmosphere in which individuals and families are enabled to support themselves and to become productive members of the community. Financial aid is provided with the long-term goal of the person becoming self-sufficient.


A Bit About Us

Turning A Call Into Action

In July of 2017, Jeff Downs felt a calling on his life:  "Go out and serve." He felt God pointing him towards Uganda but was unsure about the details. In November of that year a friend shared the need of a community outside of Jinja, Uganda in Wakitaka Village.  After a lot of prayer and vetting, Jeff and his wife, Jenika, felt an urgent prompting to do some further research on the ground.  Their goal was to discover what was needed by this community in Wakitaka so they could help raise support for them. Without a well- formulated plan, Jeff went on his solo mission trip in February, 2018. His prayer was simple, "God give me discernment and may Your will be done." Once in Jinja, he was met by many God-appointed friends and quickly established relationships and discovered how best to serve this community.   Upon enrolling  the first 15 kids in Musana boarding school, Jeff was asked, "What Ministry do you represent?" He responded that he was there doing the Lord's work!  This sparked the beginning of the Downs family seeking to establish a non-profit in order to continue the good work that was begun with this initial visit to Uganda.

It was amazing to witness what God can do when one is yielded to His voice. In 3 short weeks, God provided the connections and the financial support to enroll 45 children in school and ensure regular meals for them. He brought trustworthy and God-fearing people into Jeff's path so that IKOOVA Ministries could be birthed. We continue to pray for God's discernment, wisdom, and for HIs will to be done. May He be glorified through the lives that are impacted through this ministry! 

Community Partnerships

IKOOVA seeks to partner with local leaders, churches, schools, and existing charities, in order to pool ideas and collaborate efforts. We believe the community members themselves have the greatest insight into their specific needs and challenges. So we cooperate rather than impose and strive for unity and interdependence in all of our efforts. 




We look to the redeeming work of the cross for ultimate change and transformation in the lives of individuals. We partner with God to accomplish His will, which is to see people freed, saved, and restored to the image He created them in.



God is the Provider; we are merely stewards of the material wealth and giftings He has entrusted to us.  As He brings need before us, we partner with Him and our donors to utilize resources for maximum impact. We operate under fundamental truths of honesty, integrity, transparency, and accountability. Ultimately, we are accountable to God and we desire to glorify Him through our work and through the handling of ministry resources.

Community Empowerment

IKOOVA is community-based and encourages participants to draw on their existing strengths and resources in order to break the cycle of dependency and raise up leaders. The ultimate goal is to equip communities to become financially self-sustaining as we mend the broken systems that perpetuate poverty.

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