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Microloan programs

Sustain Micro Enterprise

We have partnered with Sustain Micro Enterprise and use their method of training to support small business owners, all women who are mostly single mothers.  Through business classes, group mentorship, and small loans they are able to get their business up and running to begin to financially support their family.  The guidelines we use teach practical business skills and create a support group of women who are responsible to one another for accountability.  These methods have been proven to assist vulnerable women in poor communities.  

"Building a world where every woman is empowered and free from vulnerability"

Business Training

The goal of the training program is to help the vulnerable women start up and sustain businesses and other income generating activities or to improve their existing business by teaching a set of core business skills:

  • Generating business ideas

  • Choosing a marketing strategy

  • Creating a business plan

  • Creating a cash flow

  • Taking, managing and repaying small loans

  • Keeping business records

  • Managing the use of profits for personal use

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