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Children hold up gospel books donated to IKOOVA

Children hold up gospel books generously donated to IKOOVA


Hope for Communities one family at a time

Ministry Outreach

There remains many orphans and children living on the street in Wakitaka Village and Jinja whom we would love to support. When we connect with a child, our social workers conduct thorough interviews to determine their family history and assess the level of their needs. Our hope is to not only ensure regular meals and education for the children, but to partner with their families in order to equip them to secure gainful employment, all while spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and creating disciples.

We conduct weekly Bible studies in conjunction with a local church and many of the women in Wakitaka Village attend. They report that they love these times together studying God's Word, praying, and worshipping. A friend of our social worker, Joshua, was gracious to donate some gospel books, which the children love reading. We are hoping to one day be able to purchase a personal Bible for each child and other Bible study materials. Because of the high cost of Bibles and books, they are a luxury item few can afford. If this is a need you are passionate about, please click the 'Donate' button and include "Bibles" in the comment. 

Additionally, because many marriages don't last in Uganda, we are praying about ways to minister to the men and women in the community. Namely teaching Biblical principles on covenant marriage, purity and abstinence while single, and honoring God through marriage. Please join us in praying for this area of ministry to further develop. 

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