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Vocational Skills Training

The Grow Hope Foundation

We have partnered with The Grow Hope Foundation to send single mothers through vocational training where they can choose specializations in tailoring, jewelry making, agriculture, or hairdressing. With this training, women are equipped to earn a living and provide for their families.

Personal Ownership

In order to give women a sense of pride and ownership in their career path, vocational sponsorships are setup as loans. The cost of tuition is very reasonable at around $60 for 8 months of instruction. Women sign a contract to make weekly payments of less than $2 so that the financial strain on them is manageable.


Food Production Education

 Grow Hope Foundation's village garden produces over 40 different nutrient-rich crops.  Experienced farmers teach growing techniques and assist villagers in starting their own gardens through hands on methods.  Seedlings from Grow Hope are shared with the community to give their gardens a healthy start.  Harvested produce is sold on site as well as donated to local malnutrition facilities in the area, where children are in desperate need of nutrients.  

Empowerment Through Education

Grow Hope is a 4-acre educational compound that is changing the way people in this rural area live. When the community leaves the compound, they leave with knowledge that they can take to their homes and replicate.

Grow Hope/Tusubira

Grow Hope/Tusubira

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