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Here are some suggested ways you can be praying for our ministry.

Future of IKOOVA

We ask for God's provision and His will in all that is done in His name. We are praying that He will lead this ministry and guide us in His way of love.  We pray for open doors and wisdom as we explore the needs in Uganda: health education, hospitals, schools, vocational training, and family ministry. We pray that He would empower us, through His Spirit, to know His love so that we may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God and therefore glorify Him in all that we do.

Ministry Launch

The founders and board members of IKOOVA are seeking prayer for God's blessings, guidance, and provision during the launch of this ministry.  We are asking for the LORD to call forth team members to join our mission and agree with the vision of IKOOVA. We pray that He may enable us to be "as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves" as we flesh out the vision He has placed in our hearts. 

Social Workers in Uganda

We pray for Judith and Joshua who are currently IKOOVA's physical presence in Uganda.  May the LORD bless their work, their families, and their abilities to identify those in need of support.  May they find JOY in their mission to follow up with the children and families currently supported by IKOOVA.

Creative Solutions

The systems that perpetuate poverty can be deeply entrenched. Please pray for us to have creative ideas and solutions that will help break down the mental, emotional, cultural, and sociological barriers that keep people from reaching their full potential. Pray for creative ideas for industries and business opportunities for locals to pursue.

Support Raisers

We pray for the LORD to bring many support raisers to this ministry:  Those that will pray, those that will spread the news, those that will financially support, and those that will volunteer and travel to Uganda.  

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