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Jeff Downs

Executive Director/Founder

Jeff Downs raises cattle outside of Montrose, Colorado with his wife Jenika and two children. He spent most of his life doing whatever he felt like, being accountable to no one.  That didn’t work out so well for him.  He owes his life to the loving grace of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and is so grateful to call Him his boss, friend, and daddy.  Jeff is extremely passionate about showing all children, but especially orphans, the boundless love of their Heavenly Father.

Jenika Downs


Jenika had a radical conversion experience at the age of 32. Right away she dove into passionately and wholeheartedly pursuing God and learning about His Kingdom. Within a year she was feeling an unrest and longing for something greater in her walk with God beyond church attendance and Bible studies. This started a prayer journey and seeking within her family that led to her husband Jeff visiting Uganda in February 2018 and IKOOVA Ministries forming thereafter. Jenika desires to share the love of Christ and His redeeming power with the world. Jeff and Jenika have two children and live Montrose, CO.  

Angella Namuganza

Team Leader

Born and raised in Jinja to a polygamist, Muslim family of 12 children, Angella gave her life to Christ in 2005. She is very enthusiastic, hard-working, and has a passion for helping people know Christ, especially children.

She has spent 15 years doing voluntary work with Liberty Child Care project, 7 years volunteering with Jinja Child Development Centre under Compassion International, 3 years working as Assistant Sponsor Donor Relations officer with Jinja Child Development Centre, and 5 years working as librarian/matron with Jinja Modern Secondary School. She is a workaholic by nature and cares about not only the quality of her work but its effectiveness in ministry. Her smile is infectious and her testimony makes her very relatable to the predominately Muslim population in the community. IKOOVA is blessed to have her on our team.

Nkoobe Joshua

Social Worker


Joshua received a Bachelor's Degree in Education and a certificate in Social Work and Administration. He has a passion for serving the Lord and the community, especially the children. He desires to aid in the spiritual, social, and academic development of the people he serves in Uganda. Joshua has been a Christian since he was a small child. He is able to share his faith through his position with IKOOVA, helping parents and children to be disciples of Christ. His favorite scripture is Phillipians 4:6-7 because it encourages him to keep his eyes on the Lord and to be thankful. This has been his family's scripture and they all love it. His prayer for the future of Uganda is to have an educated and God-fearing country where the people are able to sustain themselves. Joshua is married to his lovely wife Sarah and they have four beautiful children. 


James Macrory


James has walked with Jesus for 30 years. At 19 years of age he started a prayer and evangelism ministry in the projects of Montgomery, Alabama. He then graduated from Grace College Divinity with a degree in Pastoral Ministry. He was ordained in 2004. He served and preached at healing crusades in Mukono, Uganda  and later led medical bridgaids to over 5,000 citizens in Comayagua, Honduras and was a youth pastor and assistant pastor in North Carolina and Alabama. He is married to Cashel and lives with their 4 children in Montrose, CO.  He currently works as Assistant Store Manager of The Home Depot. James and his family are excited to partner with, serve, and support IKOOVA Ministries in all their endeavors.

Terry Ouimet

 Vice President

Terry and his wife, Chanda, have a heart for the poor and one of their first ministry opportunities was working with kids in the inner city of Denver, Colorado. In recent years they have focused on programs that build churches, spread the gospel, and feed the poor in India and Africa. Terry is excited to bring his business and management skills, along with his deep compassion for the poor and vulnerable in order to serve IKOOVA and its mission. Terry lives with his wife and two daughters in Montrose, Colorado. 

Jenny Penjoyan


Jenny is a passionate follower of Christ, wife to an amazing man, Mike, and mother of teenage girls.  She was born and raised in Orange County, California, where she continues to reside.  Jenny practiced as a Social Worker, then High School counselor before being blessed with the opportunity to stay home to raise their girls.  Her passion for helping people and education continue as she is very involved in an international bible study, Community Bible Study, and supporting the launch of a Christian high school in their community.  She loves the Word of God and rests upon Matthew 11:29.

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