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Providing access to education

Musana Boarding School

We have partnered with Musana to initially send 15 children to their boarding school in Iganga where they will receive an exemplary education, three square meals a day, and learn to love God, themselves, and others.

Families praise God as they prepare for the first day at Musana 

Making A Difference

There are three terms in an academic year. The annual tuition expenses per Musana student is $458. Averaged out over 12 months that comes to $39/mo. Adding in the cost of books, uniforms, school supplies, and transport for trips back home, a sponsorship equals about $47/mo. We have received generous donations to cover the children's first-term expenses but we are seeking support for ongoing monthly commitments to give these children the gift of an exemplary education.

IKOOVA's Sponsored Children

In February, 2018, these 15 children couldn't have been more excited to start at Musana, one of the best schools in the region. We are so proud of their bravery and their commitment to work hard at their studies.


Equipping the Next Generation

Musana is known for their high educational standards, exceptional living conditions and most importantly, their emphasis on being a Christ-centered loving home to all children who enter their gates.

Excellence in Education

Located on nine acres of land, Musana offers a kid-friendly spacious environment with bright colorful buildings that contain the best educational facilities in Iganga. In 2016, Musana Nursery and Primary School ranked as #2 in Iganga District and was promoted by the Ugandan government as a center of excellence. 



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